2013 Palm Beach International Boat Show

If you went down Ramp 10 you were in Frog Land.
So many great powerful boats decked out and ready to go, presented by Plantantion Boats Mart.   Can you imagine how hard it would be to board this 40′ center console SeaHunter with triple Yamaha f350 Outboards without the help of Frog Hooks. The engine looks as big as the girl boarding

Visit us at the Palm Beach Boat Show 2013

Who’s going to the Palm Beach International Boat Show Thursday the 21st thru Sunday the 24th? Plantation Boat Mart will be showcasing all your favorites from HydraSports Custom and SeaHunter. Stop by and say hi – They are at Ramp 10 – Slips 1042-1048 and hooked on Frog Hooks. A nice safe, easy way to board these super boats.

See Frog Hooks at the Palm Beach Boat Show Now

Our new Step Down Model as seen at the Palm Beach International Boat Show  March 21-24th A pair consist of –
52” Galvanized platforms with a vinyl non-skid top, plus 2 Step Down Dock Brackets that lowers the platforms 10” from the top of the dock.
Includes rods and all hardware to install to the dock.
Retails at $773.  Show Special at 20% off $618.

Many different models at Plantation Boat Mart Boats on Ramp 10, including SeaHunter & HydraSports Custom boats.

Great for Boarding Boats with Big Engines.

Plantation Boat Mart on Ramp 10

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

"Out of Difficulty find Opportunity" - Albert Einstein

Well, here I stand looking at the imperfect slide I made for this 37’ Sea Hunter Boat at the Stuart Boat Show. I didn’t realize the floating dock would be abnormally high, and the transoms so low! It certainly didn’t show the benefits of boarding as well as securing the boats that we are known for.


Why are they Frog Hooks?

Frog Hooks were designed for a family of klutzes. Ours. Before we made Frog Hooks we could destroy every adjacent boat in the marina, including our own. People would have six bumpers on their boat alongside of ours. They would sit in lawn chairs waiting for us to try and dock our boat. We were a continual source of amusement and entertainment to everyone in the marina. Putting feet through the windshield while climbing off the bow of the boat was an accomplishment we did many times. Losing keys and sunglasses to the briny depths was one of our regular routines. A ship’s store could be started with the vast inventory we lost. “Man Overboard” was our normal salutation upon arriving at the dock.

The “Frog” (my husband, also an excellent boatsman) out of pure embarrassment, not wanting to be associated with the rest of us fools, decided there had to be a better way to dock and board a boat that was foolproof. His Frog Hooks brought dignity,sanity and self respect back into our lives. Well, at least with boating.

To our great amazement we found many other advantages to the Frog Hook System. Our engine was no longer hitting into the dock, and we also had access to it for servicing it. We didn’t have to buy lines and bumpers anymore. Our boat was secure in minutes without wasting time trying to figure out how to tie lines properly. We actually looked professional, which is an outstanding feat for our family.

“Frog” actually associated with us again. Now you know why they are called Frog’s Hooks!

Marriages can be saved. Maybe we should clue in “Dear Abby?”

The “Frogman” Himself!

We have the most innovative customers!

We just received pictures from Dick Reda, at the Mt. Sinai Yacht Club in Long Island, NY. He has designed a railing for the Frog Hooks to assist his wife boarding the boat. She is neither handicapped or disabled but has a bad back that makes it a frightening event getting aboard a moored boat when there is movement from tides and wakes. Unfortunately the rings on their boat are mounted low near the water line and the dock is high off the water, so boarding is on a decline; but having firm footing on the platforms of the frog hooks, plus a railing to hold onto makes life a lot easier for her. Dick’s design will be a great help to handicapped boaters when boarding their boats. Did you notice Dick has his initials on the railing?