Frog Hooks Testimonials

“We have 10 boats instead of 3 on our transient dock. FROG HOOKS utilizes our space efficiently now.”
– Bruce Wallace, Gen. Mgr.,Ripley Light Marina, Charleston, SC

“FROG HOOKS are fantastic, problem free and indestructible.”
– Scott Snyder, Monterrey Boat Works, Monterrey, CA

“My customers love the Frogs, no ropes, two pins and you’re done.”
Nick Sherer, Sherer’s Boat Basin, Barnegat, NJ

“Best small recreational boat docking system available. FROG HOOKS work. They’re simple, long lasting, safe, sturdy and protect the boat.”
– Dan Natchez, Pres., Daniel S. Natchez Assoc. Waterfront Design Consultants, Mamaroneck, NY

“During Hurricane Gloria our marina was badly damaged. Even though our docks broke loose, the FROG HOOKS, boats and dock stayed together intact.”
– Nick Cerino, Port Milford Marina, Milford, CT”

“Novice and elderly boaters are not afraid to board with the FROG HOOKS.”
– Cliff Paynes, Paynes Dock, Block Island, RI

Letter from a Satisfied Customer

Dear Paddy,

Back in June of this year I pested you with calls about Frog Hooks for my 23′ Parker outboard pilot house fishing boat. You were very patient and nice and answered all my questions. After several phone calls I ordered the 46′ white Frog Hooks, that have worked out beautiful.

They were very simple to install and make “hooking” up the boat unbelievably easy and hold the boat true and straight in the middle of my slip. Previously, I would have to hook up 6 ropes and then do a blanacing act to get off the boat and onto the floating dock behind the boat using a large bulky, heavy plank. It is so nice to just walk onto my boat on the Frog Hooks at the start of the day and off the boat on the Frog Hooks at the end of the day. Last year, I broke a rib trying to get onto the boat without using the plank that was needed prior to installing the Frog Hooks. I got lazy and came up short on a leap of faith. With the Frog Hooks, this could not happen.

It has been very windy here this year and there has been no problem what so ever with my boat or the Frog Hooks.

The bottom line is that I am completely happy with your product and only wish I had bought them years ago.

Bill Stanley