Boat Docking & Mooring Systems

Boat Docking SystemsOne of the most important aspects of owning or using a boat is having reliable, easy-to-access boat docking systems in place. Boat mooring systems from a company like Frog Hooks will make docking your boat a seamless task and ensure that you and your passengers can get in and out of your boat safely and with ease.

Frog Hooks manufactures innovative boat mooring systems for floating docks that are in tidal areas, or permanent docks where there is minimal tidal change.

Our boat docking systems are ideal for boats ranging in size from 12 feet up to 30 feet and will keep you from ever having to use davits, mooring whips, or other inferior boat docking systems. Plus, our systems are built to last, ensuring that you won’t have to buy new lines year after year.

When you use our boat mooring systems for floating docks, you’ll no longer need finger piers or outside pilings. Your boat will be able to avoid damage by riding up and down with the currents and wakes rather than swaying from side and side. Our boat mooring systems will also prevent your engine from hitting the dock and costing you hundreds in repairs.

Frog Hooks’ boat docking systems are made in the United States and are a wonderful one-time investment. If you have any questions about how our boat mooring systems work or need assistance choosing the right boat docking system for your watercraft, call Frog Hooks at 800-243-FROG (3764) today.

Bob Kenney from Sherer’s Boat Basin in Barnegat, NJ shows you how easy it is to use the Frog Hook boat mooring system. First, board the boat using our Frog Hook platforms, lower the engine and start it up. Then unhook the platform, flip it up toward the dock and release the second platform in the same manner.

Upon return, back into the slip and cut your engine. You may want to use the boat in the next slip to guide you in. Since the engine is down, you are close enough to reach over and grab the Frog Hooks platform, line it up to the ring on the boat, slip the locking key through the ring, and attach the safety line. Then use a boat hook to get another platform and hook it to the ring as you did with the other one. Raise your engine up – notice it can’t hit the dock. Walk off your boat.

Now wasn’t that easy? The model used in this demonstration was a 46” SM galvanized steel model for outboard boats.