About Frog Hooks

Frog Hooks Are Quicker N’ Slicker

FROG HOOKS are a unique boat mooring system that should appeal to both private boat owners and marina operators.

Through the years our FROG HOOKS have survived storms and hurricanes such as Camille, David, Andrew, Floyd, Hugo, Bob and Gloria. Because our product is strong, the docks and boats came through undamaged.

We are proud of our systems and strive to update our new models to meet your docking needs. Email us with any of your docking problems and we will be happy to help you solve them.

How Do They Work?

man standing on frog hooksFrog Hooks provides high-quality boat docking systems for sale that appeal to both private boat owners and marina operators due to their simple design, yet unrelenting strength and durability.

Over the years, our boat docking systems have survived large storms and hurricanes, such as Hurricane Camille, David, Andrew, Floyd, Hugo, Bob, and Gloria. Despite Mother Nature’s wrath, docks and boats alike have come through these storms undamaged thanks to our innovative docking systems.

We are proud of the boat docking systems we sell, and we strive to continuously update our models to meet the needs of our customers. Simply email us regarding any boat docking problems you may be experiencing, and we’ll gladly help you solve them.

How do these boat docking systems work?

Complete with galvanized steel installation hardware, Frog Hooks’ boat docking systems are for sale in pairs and look similar to ironing boards.

The wide end of each hook is attached to your dock with hardware that allows it to hinge up and out of the way when not in use. The tapered or narrower end of each hook has clevis-pin bolts that go through the transom toweyes on each side.

Frog Hooks’ boat docking systems are made of reinforced steel frames encased in non-skid fiberglass. They not only hold a boat securely in place, but serve as ramps for boarding, working on the motor or lower unit, and disembarking after securing the canvas. All models are available in galvanized steel.

Mooring System for BoatsFrog Hooks’ boat docking systems provide:

  • Stress-free docking
  • Confident boarding for the insecure
  • Hassle-free hook up
  • A safer way to load equipment
  • More space for storage
  • Easier boarding for family and pets
  • More time and money for you
  • Firm footing when loading
  • Protection for your investment
  • Elimination of lines and fenders

Innovative ways many boat owners have used our docking systems:

  • Ramps for dogs and cats to board
  • Securing personal watercraft
  • Access from seawalls to boat lift
  • Connecting boats to houseboats
  • Connecting seawalls and bulkheads to floating docks
  • Connecting stationary docks to floating docks
  • Connecting floating docks together
  • Towing docks
  • Attaching dinghies to swim platforms
  • Preventing a boat from sinking by using them for leverage to raise the boat

Have questions about how our boat docking systems work, or want to inquire about how Frog Hooks can help you solve your boating issues? Contact us at 800-243-FROG (3764) or 561-642-9157 today.