Boat Owners & Marina Operators

Boat Owners

It has never been easier to safely and efficiently dock and board your boat

Frog Hooks are ideal for motorboats, sailboats, pontoon boats, Jet Ski’s and more.  They provide flexible configurations from 20” to 84” away from the dock allowing the engine(s) to be up and out of the water. 

Frog Hooks’ innovative design eliminates the need to secure your boat with lines and provides a secure platform that makes it easy for children and grandparents to board.

Be sure to check with your dock master if Frog Hooks are approved for use at your marina.

Private dock owners can use Frog Hooks to make the most of limited dock space.

Marina Operators

Get up to 3x more docking capacity with Frog Hooks

Over 500 marinas use Frog Hooks docking systems!

Frog Hooks let you increase the number of boats you can serve at your marina without growing dock footprint. By securing the stern of the boat to the dock using the transom rings, you free up valuable dock space. Marina Owners can increase boat capacity without adding new docks, to get a strong ROI. For new Marinas, Frog Hooks can save on construction costs.

Frog Hooks not only secure the boats, they also provide a safe boarding ramp and are ideal for motorboats, sailboats, pontoon boats, Jet Ski’s and more.

Our Adjustable Frog Hooks give you the added flexibility you need for transient or service docking at restaurants, hotels, and shops. They are also ideal for boat shows, hi and dry rack storage holding slips, gas docks, and rental boats.

Contact us at (800) 243-3764 to speak with sales to order Frog Hooks for your marina.