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Rely on Original Frog Hooks Parts and Accessories

When you order a boat docking system from Frog Hooks, it will come with everything you need for a quick setup, allowing you to start using it sooner rather than later. However, in the event that you ever need to extend your system or make a repair to it, we provide OEM replacement parts and  accessories.

If you need specific accessories and parts but don’t see them listed here, simply give Frog Hooks a call and let us know what you’re looking for. We’re always more than willing to help private boat owners and marina operators with their boat docking systems and can likely help you find what you need. We can also speak with you more about how to utilize your boat docking system to protect both your boat and your dock.

Key Set for Frog Hook Platforms

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  • 6" Dock Extension Kit

    6″ Dock Extension Kit

  • 16" Dock Extension Kit

    16″ Dock Extension Kit

  • 32" Dock Extensions

    32″ Dock Extension Kit

  • Non-adjustable Dock Mounting Brackets

    Non-Adjustable Dock Brackets

  • Dock Mounting Brackets

    Adjustable Dock Brackets

  • Step Down Dock Bracket Set

    Step Down Dock Brackets

  • Key Set for Frog Hook Platforms

    Key Set

  • Rod Set

    Rod Set

  • Dow Float

    Floatation Billets

  • U Piece (UBR)

    U Piece (UBR) Set

  • 32" Non-skid Tread - White

    32″ Non-slip Tread

  • Bumper for Frog Hook


  • 20" Non-slip Tread - White

    20″ Non-slip Tread

  • 46" Non-slip Tread Blue

    46″ Non-slip Tread

  • 52" Non-slip Tread Blue

    52″ Non-slip Tread

  • boarding rail for boat docks

    Boarding Rail