Adjustable Dock and Boarding Systems

Frog Hooks offers the perfect docking and boarding systems for marinas that make a space-efficient holding dock for any rack system, sales or service docking area.

Our adjustable models not only allow for boats of different sizes to be held in the same slip, but the elimination of finger piers and pilings allows marinas to have more slips with less construction cost.

What’s more, our boat docking systems make it easy for marina operators to move watercrafts back and forth between the dock and rack system. Boats for the early-morning fisherman can be put on the dock the night before, giving them easy access. The fisherman can then head out to catch his fish, return to the marina and hook up his boat with ease before walking away. From there, the boat can stay securely in place until marina operators are ready to return it to the racks.

Great for getting prospective customers on board at Boat Shows.

Our boat docking systems are also ideal for boat shows, making it easy for prospective customers to get onboard.

Over 500 marinas use Frog Hooks’ boat docking systems for many reasons

  • Increases mooring capacity
  • Saves on construction costs
  • Provides a safe boarding ramp
  • Secures boats safely
  • Offers a holding dock for dry rack storage

The Adjustable Frog Hooks Systems

The adjustable docking systems for marinas from Frog Hooks come in three lengths, including 32”, 46”, and 52”. Our galvanized steel model is 32” long and is a heavy-duty system with special hardware that allows for a 42” adjustment to accommodate different transom widths.

We make all three sizes in fiberglass, as well as galvanized steel. Figuring on an 8′ beam being the largest, you would allow 9′ per slip. This will always give you one foot between boats.

Set up the dock brackets on a 9′ spread from the first bracket to the last bracket of each pair, alternating long and short rods in this manner. The short rod anchors the boat to one position on the dock and the long rod allows for the adjustment, as all boat beams are not identical.

Frog Hooks - Boat Mooring Made Easy

Boat Mooring SystemsAdjustable docking systems are great for:

  • Service docks
  • Transient docks
  • Sales docks
  • Restaurant docks
  • Hi & dry holding slips
  • Rental boats
  • Gas docks

“Since 1989, the Adjustable Frog Hooks have been most helpful to our rack storage operation, handling a wide variety of boats while taking up the least amount of dock space.”
Bill Gardella Jr., Rex Marine, S. Norwalk, CT

Service boats right at the dock!

Boat Mooring

The new 52″ adjustable boat docking systems give marinas and boatyards a service slip on any dock with a built-in adjustment for different-sized beams.

Now, you can repair engines from Frog Hooks’ docking systems without having to haul a boat out and move it to your shop. You can also test new boats with a test propeller in a slip without a test drive, which will save you time and money. New longer docks can accommodate V-6 engines and longer shafts with a 42″ slide bar for adjustment.

The 52-ADJ In-Water Service Station eliminates lines and ropes for securing boats, protects engines, and provides a safe boarding ramp.

Rental boats

Small Boat Mooring Equipment

Frog Hooks’ docking systems for marinas are the perfect thing for rental boats, dinghies, and short shaft engines, keeping them neat and accessible. The 20SM-G Model is 20″ long and made of galvanized steel with a vinyl non-skid top.

If you have any questions about improving small boat mooring with our docking systems for marinas, reach out to Frog Hooks at 800-243-FROG (3764) or 561-642-9157 today.